divider.tk runs on Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Mac.
It requires the Tcl/Tk scripting language (which
is now standard in OS X as of Panther).

divider-3.142.tar.gz is a Universal Mac OS X
application created using Platypus. It requires 10.3.9
or later, and uses the Tcl/Tk framework shipped in OS X.

divider-2.718.tar.gz is a standalone Mac OS X
application that will run on 10.1.5 or later.  The Tcl/Tk
runtime is included.

	Escape	Quit
	Tab	Toggle window decoration
	Space	Skip to the next stage

Menu items (right-click):
	Skip	Skip to the next stage
	Save	Save next completed image as a Postscript file
	Quit	Quit

Version: 2.314φ (glabrous-nuisance release phi)

Classification: GOLD JULY BOOJUM

Backdrop 2 contributed by Walid Amro.

Lynx-enhanced by <peter at taronga.com> (Peter da Silva)