Blue Skies Screensaver
Desktop Images

I started this project because I wanted some nice calm desktop and screensaver images of clouds. I even bought a Windows screensaver to try and get the images out of it (for my own personal use, not for distribution) and crop them to remove the photographer's advertising material and picturesque (but unwanted) cattle, trees, mountains, and so on... but it was too well encrypted.

So I figured I could at least take some pictures of my own.

Lessons learned:

1. It takes several thousand pictures to get a dozen or so nice ones. Clouds are hard to photograph, and NEVER look the same on the screen as they did in the sky. Don't take one picture, take ten, and expect to throw away all 10 nine times out of ten.

2. "Professional" photographic retouching software produces no better results in the hands of an amateur than freeware like Toyviewer or XV. Save your money.

3. Don't challenge people who don't like your pictures to do a better job. They won't take it as a challenge, even in the rare case where they can actually do a better job.


Lynx-enhanced by <peter at> (Peter da Silva)